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Phasat Muangtam[Courtyard and Ponds]

The courtyard is situated between the outer wall and the gallery. There are four large L shaped ponds which follow the shape of the outer wall. The ponds are separated by a pathways. Five steps lead from the pathways to the ponds. The edge of each pond has a 5 headed serpent (Naga) which forms a fail around the ponds.lesser towers only larger. It also had an antechamber. Archaeological evidence has shown this group of brick towers was adorned with floral designs made from a limestone plaster.

The main tower contained the Shiva Linga, a phallic symbol of Shiva’s creative  power. While excavating archaeologists found the original Shiva Linga, near the main tower at Muang Tam. The people paid respect to many Gods such as Vishnu. Indra, and Genesha.The minor towers are square shaped and have entrances There are five steps down to the reservoir. The “Barai” represents the ocean surrounding Mt. Meru, home of the Hindu Gods.