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Prasat Muangtam Sanctuary

Prasat Muangtam Sanctuary [Prakorn Chai district of Buriram Province]


Prasat Muang Tam is located in the Prakorn Chai district of Buriram Province. It is located 8 Kilometers from 
Prasat Phnom Rung.It is a Hindu religious monument It was constructed for the Hindu god Shiva. It was built  
to hold religious ceremonies for the surrounding community Archaeological studies havefound that communities
surrounded Prasat Muang Tam. For example Ban Kok Muang, Kok Yai Khan,Kok Salongthong, ect. Artifacts  
found include ancient tools and household wares, for example clay bowls and a large amount of pottery.

Evidence shows that Prasat Muang Tam was abandoned about 700 years ago. The people returned about 100 years ago.
The local villagers called it “Muang Tam” meaning low city, because Phnom Rung is much higher. In 1997 The Fine Arts
Department commenced reconstruction of Muang Tam. They used the Anastylosis method during the reconstruction.
It was formally opened on Nov 
101997 by HRH Princess Sirindhorn in honor of the  50th  Anniversary
of the Kings coronation.

Evidence shows that Prasat Muang Tam is nearly as old as the surrounding communities.The architecture is
the ancient Khmer style. The structure was constructed about 1,000 years ago. 
The position of Prasat Muang Tam 
is on one of the direct lines from Angkor in Cambodia to the North.These lines pass Phnom Dangrek mountain,
the Prasat Tamuan group in Surin, Phnom Rung, Muang Tam in
Buriram and Phimai in Nakorn Ratchasima.
Evidence shows that these communities on the lines had relationships 
with one and other.

Diagram Prasat Muang Tam

The  outer  wall  and  archways
2. Courtyard  and  Ponds 

5. Libraries